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What is, is what is; the only other thing is nothing.

Unveiling Ceremony Speech
Union Square Park, NYC
June 24, 2021

Hello New York


I have been watching you. 


From the moment my eyes became open. And then were opened again. From one world to the next. 


You have been a part of my vision.


A vision beautifully and purposefully blurred by the gravity of your everything


Both light and shadow. Answers and mysteries in equal measure.


A duality that dissipates into the mix of your everything. A mix known only in New York .


It can be said that only those who look will see.


I have looked. And I see you. 


And so today it is my very deep pleasure and privilege to now be seen by you.


For a moment in time, to become that which others will call, The City.


I can think of no grander expression of our communion. 


I say to you, as my everything, the only other thing, is nothing.